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Google Reader – Professional Bloggers Lose A Great Content Marketing Tool

March 18, 2013

google_reader professional blogger toolProfessional bloggers should take notice of the latest in industry news.  With the announcement recently of Google shuttering it’s Google reader application, professional bloggers everywhere have taken a hit to their efficiency and are now scrambling to find a way to get their news delivered and their content delivered and their own information aggregated.

I am a professional blogger and I read thousands of blog postings every month.  In fact, at present I have nearly 5oo feeds in my Google Reader that provide me an outlined group of blogs and other news sites that give me information.  I have been an RSS reader for as long as I can remember.  I have read business blogs, daddy blogs, mommy blogs and other professional blogger sites and I have gathered and searched news for every type of client you can imagine.  I have RSS delivery of Google alerts, of news search terms and of industry wide information.  Google Reader is a must have marketing and content aggregation tool.

I will be okay using a separate type reader.  I am assuming that coming in the wake of the Google Reader will be a new tool that is being implemented by the Google Plus team and if not I know Facebook may take on the idea of putting together a news feed for RSS with the pages they have for each blogger and news source. Professional bloggers will improvise and adapt.  We have seen many tools come and go and this one will not be the last.

feedly professional blogger toolThere are alternatives for professional bloggers to use besides Google Reader.  Feedly is coming up in the ranks as an alternative and the big news out there is Digg  a company that has come gone and come and gone a number of times on the radar is also coming up with a reader of its own.

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