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Professional Bloggers And Business Passion – The Ramp Up Period

December 29, 2011

Outsourcing your blogging to a third party, not unlike our service, is a normal business decision.  There are many reasons that a company might want to hire a blogger to do the blogging of their company and we have talked about these reasons in many previous blog posts.  Many companies are taking advantage of this service as we have seen in recent months.  We get contacted numerous times a week to talk to business owners and others to find out what our service does and how it can help businesses with an online or social media presence.  What is rarely thought of and is not often discussed in the process of hiring a blogger is the time it takes a blogger to get into the flow of the philosophy or the core message of the company.  This is often referred to by me as the passion of the business and the time it takes for us to realize that passion is what I call the ramp up period. Let’s use an example of the flower shop on the corner.

Mary owns the flower shop on the corner and has a great location and a decent amount of foot traffic.  Mary has a degree in botany and has made her life’s work the world of plants and flowers.  She loves to do the flower arranging and she specializes in making great bouquets and making plans for events such as weddings and parties.  To say the least flowers are Mary’s life.  She is ultimately passionate about flowers.  Mary has decided that she needs to use social media marketing as a way to gain further exposure and wants to do some hyper-local marketing and encompass a number of ideas into a new online marketing initiative for her business.  Part of that campaign is the implementing of a company blog to talk about the industry, to post photos and discuss projects she has accomplished and her philosophy about being a florist in her hometown.  A great plan to increase her exposure both in the content on her website and a way for her potential customers to get to know her better through that content.  Mary is not a blogger and has no experience writing blog posts and frankly is not the best at the written word. She hates to even answer and write emails in her business.  She decides the best business decision is to outsource her blogging to someone that can do the job efficiently and cost effective and meet the needs of her overall online strategy.

This is where the difficulty comes in as a business owner and the realization that outsourcing your passion is not as easy as outsourcing a specific duty in your marketing plan.  Mary is VERY passionate about flowers and her business.  This passion is obviously needed to be successful and it drives her to be the best at her job and as the business owner.  She wants to impart that passion in the blog, the blog that is outsourced to a third party blogger, but she is not seeing the passion after 5 blog posts.  This is a very common situation.  In some cases the blogger just does not understand the business or the reasons behind the blog. It happens rarely but it does occur.  In this case however, the blogger knows her stuff.  She has done the research on keywords and phrases, has a thorough understanding of the target market and has done everything necessary to move forward with the project. The problem is the blogger does not exude the passion that the owner of the company has for the campaign. This is a tough situation for a business owner.  It’s where they have to be a good owner of the business and be patient.  It takes time for the blogger to ramp up to the passion necessary to make the blog a success. They have to own the blog for a while in order for the success or failure to be realized.  The business owner must trust that the campaign will work and watch the results from a business perspective and leave the passion and emotion out of the work in this case.  It’s a hard thing to do as an owner.  You may not speak like that or do it that way or you may have done it differently. Just ask my mother how I make chicken soup and I guarantee she will say I do it wrong every time.  You must not confuse passion with results.  Let the blogger do their thing.  Once they begin to get into the flow of the blog, they will soon gain a passion for the results and in turn will gain a passion for the business.  It takes time for them to get to that level but it happens.  Let the ramp up period happen naturally.  Don’t stop the car before we get onto the highway!

Flowershop photo via Beloved Flower

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