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Dear Business: Wanna Be Current?

October 10, 2011

Dear Business World:

You do know that a regularly updated business blog tells your customers and potential customers that you’re right on top, cutting edge, of what’s going on in your particular field, right?

You are also, I’m sure, aware that Google will crawl over a static website (one that is never changed) only a few times before it labels  it “dead” and doesn’t figure it into a search any more.

Perhaps you could benefit from a reminder that a constantly updated company blog translates to an up-to-date page of stats, facts, experiences, etc, that will influence people to go with your business or shrug and go elsewhere.

Before you shell out thousands to have an “expert” create a fancy, dancing, colorful company webpage THAT NEVER CHANGES, you really ought to call Jim Turner (303-678-0608) and ask him about about hiring a professional blogger who knows how to make your EVERCHANGING company blog into a genuine, reliable, helpful page that customers know is up-to-date and accurate.

Prices and dates on a static page are usually wrong.  Prices and dates on an ever-changing company blog are accurate.  Think about it.  Your customers and potential customers certainly are.

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