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Does Hiring A Blogger Help My Blogging ROI?

July 26, 2011

Does hiring a blogger have a ROI? The dreaded three letter word that marketers wrestle with each month in their reports, the same three letters that advertisers are shying away from and of course those in social media are shouting from the mountain tops–ROI.  Better known as return on investment.  There are variations of ROI, but for the most part it means for every dollar I spend, how much comes back to me in revenue?  Revenue in this particular post means money, or sales or whatever you use to measure your success in business, but for the most part we all like to make money.  I don’t intend this to be a discussion about what the return is or what the investment is or what the dollars are, I want to keep it simple.  When you pay me, you usually pay in money, and that is what you want the number to include when I tell you what to expect for ROI.

I was spurred to write this post today because of a post written by Jay Baer over at Convince & Convert called “Calculate Your Blogging ROI in 9 Steps“.  This is an awesome post and I suggest you bookmark it if you are looking for reasons to implement a blog into your social media campaign.  If you are a CMO, you may want to add this as a line item in your reporting to the CEO and the Board.  I am not going to go over the entire 9 steps that Jay has covered, but I want to concentrate on the first step and that being the expense of the blog or what he refers to as the “Blogging Expense Calculation”.

“Creating and sustaining a good blog for yourself or your company is a highly labor-intensive proposition. The people (maybe you) working on the blog could be doing something else that helps the company make money, save money, or both.” ~ Jay Bear

Jay sets forth a calculation of 3 blog posts a week and for the numbers he uses,  and makes the time of completion at 3 hours.  This is pretty long I think for a blog post, but for some good research, good links and a decent image, it may take about that long to complete the task. He also adds tracking and some other things into the mix, but I think for the most part Jay has written enough blog posts to know what he is talking about in this instance.  His number for the labor costs are what I want to highlight for our purposes.  he shows the final cost to be $2037 by paying your existing employees to complete a month of blogging.  The costs of blogging can be larger or smaller based on the amount of posts and the length of the post and other factors.  These numbers however are fixed, and we know the costs associated.  It is up to you or your social media manager to come up with the benefits and the revenue derived from the blog itself, but Jay offers his own example. Our number does not include benefits, therefore you can assume our number to be lower which should increase your ROI percentage.

We want to help you with your fixed costs here at Bloggers For Hire.  We have been successful because we offer an alternative to the costs you see by having your own employees perform all of the blogging duties associated with a properly run company blog.  We put a professional blogger in that role.  We are a fixed cost each month and that can lend you the sense of security needed to weigh that against the benefits of the blog itself.  I talk a number of times all over the country about how blogs increase the sales funnel, help with SEO and drive traffic to a company website among other benefits.  I can discuss those with you as well and help you with your needs.  Reduce your costs going in to business blogging and then you can decide for yourself if blogging can help you with your ROI.  I think Jay makes a good case and I know I can make a good case for you having your own blog.  Get started as soon as today.

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