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You’re Not Dr. McCoy, and You Need My Advice!!!!

March 27, 2011

Bloggers for HireSocial media is magic.  Use it wisely or you’ll scare everybody away.

I’m going to assume that you’re all on Twitter, and tweeting away REGULARLY and at least daily, right?  Because if you’re NOT already on Twitter, we’ll need to start there, and not where I’d planned to start. . . . .

Ahem.  Everyone’s on Twitter, right?  Okay.

First item on everyone’s agenda:  Get rid of that obnoxious, robotic, automated DM that some people send to all new followers.  It’s horrendous.  Ditto for any popups you’ve got on any of your pages – people hate them.  Some people claim popups are good for business, but you’re driving away more people than you might think.  Me, for instance.

Next item: Be sure your Twitter account is attached to your Facebook account!  What does that do for you?  It cross-posts everything you put on Twitter to your Facebook status!

You DO have a Facebook account, right?  It was just a hypothetical question, of course.

Because, you know, if you DON’T use Twitter and Facebook and ideally use them together, you’re really missing out on a lot of attention.  In fact, these days, many customers, clients, friends, and potentials might not ever find you because Twitter and Facebook are where people look for other people nowadays.

Magazine sales are way down, and newspapers have shrunken to the size of a middle school newsletter, and any marketing done on them costs money.  Why not take advantage of Twitter and Facebook and all the perks they offer?

And while I’m lecturing you, PLEASE remember that any kind of marketing you do that doesn’t involve conversation is nothing but annoying.  You want to friend people, not pimp them.  In, among, and around telling us what you can do for us, let us see you and your kids and your dog, and keep us posted about your Aunt Matilda’s stroke.

People in general would much rather give their business to a friend than to a stranger in a suit who knows (and cares) nothing about them except what’s in their wallets.

And if you can’t do this yourself, and find yourself paraphrasing Dr. McCoy on “Star Trek” and saying things like “Dammit, Jim, I’m a businessperson, not a writer!” then you definitely need to contact Jim – Jim Turner, that is – and have him set you up with a writer.

Preferably me.

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