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Bloggers for Hire Can Raise Your Business’ Google Rank

January 6, 2009

Most businesses, large or small, these days, have a website.  Many businesses paid a lot of money for a professional to design and create their website, in fact.  Those websites are often very beautiful, well-designed, and full of working links that lead to other businesses.  The business owners are quite satisfied with their purchase of a fancy website, and are quite content to leave the website as it is, indefinitely!

The problem with that is simply this:  Google will only crawl over a static website a few times before deciding that the website is dead.  All the strategically-placed keywords in the world won’t help a static website after a few Google crawls.

If a business is going to get its online presence noticed, that business is going to have to set up an ever-changing website, ie a blog.  That blog, in order to attract Google hits and customers, will have to fulfill several criteria:  it has to use the necessary keywords – not only use them, but use them differently with every post; it has to have good, solid, grammatically-correct, properly-spelled writing about current subject matter directly pertaining to the product or service, and it has to change several times a week.  That way, Google will continue to place it high when a potential customer searches for something that is relevant to a keyword in the post.

Some business already have an employee with good writing skills and the knowledge base necessary to put together a good marketing post every few days, but most businesses need to hire a professional.

Jim Turner, here at Bloggers For Hire, knows how to set your business up with the perfect writer.  He’s done it for many businesses, and he can do it for yours.

It’s all up to you, really.  Do you want your business’ online presence to be dead in the water as far as Google is concerned, in spite of that really expensive static website you bought, or do you want your online presence to be fresh and exciting and ever-changing and climbing higher and higher on Google’s first page every month?

Your call.

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  1. Daniel Audet permalink
    January 6, 2009 9:26 am

    Hi I’m a trucking blogger who writes one of the most popular trucking blogs on the web. I’m looking for blogging work, I’m a writer with stuff that has appeared on writer sites(poetry and shorts) and I know a bit about networking and promotion and “cross fire linking”
    I host a web radio talk show, (soon one for writers and bloggers), and I’m trying to get a line on blogging for dollars……
    Can anyone help? Daniel

    • April 24, 2014 2:22 pm

      Hello Daniel,

      I am a business/website owner learning to use URL shotgun. I want to hire a blogger to help me post many short URLs which come from my youtube video links to increase their appearance on google. I person I hire will need to take a list of 200+ short URLs and then post these all over blogging sites in articles and forums all over the internet.

      Contact me at

  2. March 30, 2010 10:25 am

    We too are really intersted in putting a blog on our website and having a couple of updates per week, what would the costs be for a blog service? how do we find a good blogger?

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