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The Incredible Marketing Power of a Good Business Blog

September 2, 2008

Valerie Miller of LVBusiness Press has an excellent article on Review about how businesses are discovering the marketing power of blogging.

Gone are the days when big and small businesses dismissed the idea of a web log (blog) as insignificant and as having no “pull” or influence on a client or customer.  Bloggers for Hire has long known what incredible and lasting power a blog can have on a business.

Remember, the Google or Yahoo or MSN or Dogpile robotics will “see” a post only as many times as it changes.  A static website, while it might be a real looker and cost a fortune, doesn’t change, and those keywords will be in the same place every time the robots crawl over it.  After a few crawls, a static website will be seen as spam or dead space.  With a blog, however, a company’s keywords will move all over the page, causing the browsers to label it “fresh” every single day.  This is what makes a company’s page move UP in a brower search, and those keywords must change daily.

Big and small businesses pay out a hefty chunk of cash each month for regular advertising, but no magazine, newspaper, or television ad can begin to have the audience that a good, well-written, interesting blog can attract.  Businesses would save an awful lot of money by simply hiring a blogger!  (The really good, or really terrible, video ads usually end up on YouTube eventually, anyway!  Boring print ads are simply ignored. Bottom line:  money wasted.)

Savvy businesspeople are realizing more and more that their companies NEED a blog, and a blog requires a blogger.  Occasionally, the business will already have an employee who understands the blogging business but more often than not, a business will need to hire someone to do their blogging for them.  That’s where Bloggers for Hire can step in and save the day!

Blogging is a winner in many ways, both for the blogger and for the business.  A blogger will charge far less than a magazine or newspaper, resulting in tons of money saved while getting tons of money in new business.  The blogger is usually a stay-at-home parent, student, or someone who wants a part-time job, and he/she is happy to get a low hourly rate,  or a standard fee per post,  in return for writing in their pajamas at midnight.  Bloggers for Hire takes good care of its bloggers, while also helping businesses save a lot of money.

Bloggers also know and understand how to use other forms of social media, such as FaceBook, MySpace, Twitter, etc.  Many people who would NEVER buy a product based on an old-school print ad will be the first in line at the store after reading that a fellow blogger used it and liked it.  Social Media is a hotbed of subtle advertisements, based mostly on someone’s personal use of something.

Bloggers for Hire understands social media and blogging, and we hire bloggers who know how to promote a business or product using keywords and internet references.  Our bloggers are tech-savvy and are not only good with words; they also know how to make the proper connections for your product or business.

A business with a blog is a business that is telling its customers, “We want you to feel like a part of our company.  We want to share our thoughts and feelings with you, so you’ll know us inside and out.”  A business with a blog is tellings its customers that it has no secrets, and that it wants its customers to feel confident enough to share their opinions with the CEO, as well as their own personal friends.  And, of course, a good CEO will read the blog and occasionally make an appearance on it.

When people comment on a business blog, their comments will be acknowledged and answered, or forwarded to someone who knows the answer.

How many people will read a Press Release?  Not very many.  How many people will read about a real person who tried a product and liked it and lists the reasons why, along with a few things that need improvement?  Millions.  Put those opinions on a FaceBook post as well, with a few links and some shared keywords, and you’ve got something sensational.

Smart businesspeople have a blog.  The smartest of all, ask Bloggers for HIre to write it for them.

Oh, and it’s not just businesses with a product, or big businesses, that are well served with a blog; it’s the small businesses, as well.  A business that wants some attention, no matter what its size or goals, will do well to have a blog.  These days, that’s the best and fastest way to get customers to take notice of you.

A good blog and a good blogger can help that small business become a big business, and it won’t take all that long, either.

If you are interested in attracting customers to your business, contact Bloggers for Hire. We’ll do that for you.  In the meantime, read Miller’s article, either on the Review Journal or LVBusiness Press.

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