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MacLeod Clan Grows As Kathy Sierra Has Hugh’s Babies

November 7, 2006

Due to the fact that I am a card carrying member of the Clan MacLeod, I found Hugh MacLeod quite by mistake a couple years ago. I like Hugh’s style because he tends to push the envelope when it comes to blog marketing. His use of business cards with messages always has me in stitches, but today it was about his take on Kathy Sierra’s post about being professional versus passionate First Hugh’s cartoon today caused my keyboard to be sprayed with a gulp of joe I had just tried to savor.

Kathy eloquently states:

We all have to decide what constitutes “professionalism” for our own business. And my standards might be much lower (or rather different) from yours. One of my favorite exchanges was between Hugh MacLeod and one of his commenters, some time back. Hugh, not known for self-censorship, was told, “Maybe you’d have more clients if you stopped using such inappropriate language.” His response: “If that’s what I’d have to do to win those clients, they aren’t the people I’d want to work with anyway.”

I tell all of my bloggers to use common sense and have an idea of the client they are representing. Many client’s as Kathy notes won’t allow even the most non-inflammatory comments on a blog and others are all about telling it like it is. There can be a fine line between the two, but that line is growing ever more gray as people like Hugh and Kathy get out their erasers.

I’ve had client’s tell me that the launch of their new blog is so cool it will light your hair on fire, or that it is totally awesome! I have yet to reach the milestone of a client telling me that the blog is “F**king cool!” I guess we set our new milestone for 2007.

Hold Fast Hugh!

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