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Herman Miller Are You Listening?

November 29, 2006

A classic example of a service we provide as professional bloggers.  A very influential blogger is asking for recommendations for a new office chair.  As I read through the post and the comments I began to wonder whether someone at Herman Miller or any of its competitors was reading the same thing.  Do they know what is going on and the conversation that is taking place?  I ran off to the Herman Miller site to see what I could find.  The first thing that was obvious, is they did not have a blog.  Okay perhaps I am somewhat biased in that respect, but nonetheless, they should have one. 

They have a media page with some contacts, but what about their company news?  Okay, they seem to have a form I have to spend time to fill out and then they have all of this information about me I was not wanting to give.  A nice RSS feed for their press releases would be a dynamite addition without of course having a blog to discuss news. I searched their site hoping to find a blog mention.  Actually, they offered to allow me to speak to a human which I add in the plus column.

Technorati produced over 5,000 posts about the "Aeron Chair", and "Herman Miller" produced a whopping 10K+ in results.  This is just scratching the surface of what I could gather given the proper time and motivation.  I’ll keep an eye on Darren’s post to see if perhaps a Herman Miller employee or a PR representative might make comment.  Perhaps a competitor will show up to provide their input.  In any respect, this is a good case study for businesses thinking about what might be happening in the blogosphere.  It just so happens we do offer this Collaborative Intelligence™ to our clients.  If you happen to find this and are from Herman Miller, kudos to you.  If not, perhaps we need to talk to you about your Collaborative Intelligence™ campaign.

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  1. February 5, 2007 10:58 pm

    hmmm … interesting idea. Hire a blogger and pay him/her to keep the blog of my company going … I like it! But if you are going to spend all day sitting in a chair I would rather sit in the Life Chair by Knoll. The physical design of the Life Chair is much simpler to work with (many fewer adjustments) and the chair sits more comfortably than they “A” chair. If you get a chance to sit in one I think you will like it …

    As for the idea that there is blogging going on in the industry … well I do not see it yet … the industry is still a little in the dark in the computer and software fields … we are all working on it …

  2. herman miller employee permalink
    March 14, 2007 8:23 am

    Ah, the great Aeron chair! Very comfortable, would love to own one, but alas would never buy Herman Miller product due to their code of ethics! I have recently learned that this company that states they are family oriented every time you turn around, is so far from that. They could care less about their workers, or their families! They boast ergonomics on their products, but do nothing to give their workers the same ergonomic advantages to prevent injuries! Find anyone that has been injured at Herman Miller a call out, they will tell you they were left by the roadside with nothing, they will make it so they can’t access the 401k money because instead of firing someone, or giving them a job they can do within their restrictios, they simply suspend the employees benefits. Leaving them to fend for themselves, lose everything they ever worked for, without a glimmer of hope as to how to survive.

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