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September 29, 2006

Darren Rowse gives us a look again into his personal life as a professional blogger.  Professional blogging is as much of a business as any other and it takes management and a business plan.  Darren provides the basics of his blogging management and lists some of the more important aspects;

  • Time
  • Constant Challenge
  • Priorities
  • Sharing the Load
  • Tools
  • Practice

He goes on to say that Firefox has helped him in being able to use tabs, and having the proper equipment is essential to successful blogging.

His last point about practice is the old adage about getting to Carnegie Hall.  Many bloggers think that all it takes is a written paragraph here and there, but there is so much more to blogging than just the written word.  The life of a professional blogger is steeped in much more that just putting words on a page.  Some of the things that Darren did not mention that I would add is:

  • Reading – A blogger is constantly research and scouring the web and news sources and making notes of information gleaned from all sorts of resources.
  • Networking – A professional blogger has to be  excellent at networking, finding contacts within your niche, talking to people in the know about subjects and must collaborate with other professional bloggers to maintain the ability to "share the load" as Darren mentions.
  • Communication – A professional blogger is always in constant communication as part of their duties.  Be it a phone call to this source, an email to a group of others, or instant messaging with a blogger on the other side of the planet.  These are essential to keep up-to-date with what is occurring and being able to condense that communication into written articles and posts.  It’s a great way to establish relationships that can help in linking to other bloggers and getting links about your articles and posts.
  • Starving – This is somewhat tongue in cheek.  You have to be lean in the early days of professional blogging.  Until you can establish yourself as an expert in your niche, until you have established yourself as able to handle blogging for a company, or until you can get to Carnegie Hall you must have a break in period where you can be proficient at all the above requirements.

Professional blogging is in its infancy at this point and we pioneers are still trying to establish the profession, but if you can master the above requirements, drop us a line at Bloggers For Hire and throw your hat into the professional blogging arena.  We can all use the help.

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  1. September 30, 2006 8:51 pm

    Interesting site, blogexplosion brought me here.

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